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Hi, I am James Courtney an author. Welcome to my website!

I have just written and had published my first novel. The Cape Agulhas. Please have a look at it in the products section of the website.

I am now writing one of two prequels called Ingwe, hopefully being published later in 2021.

There is of course the sequel to The Cape Agulhas yet to come as well!

As time goes on, we will keep you posted on any updates and events such as book signings etc.


James Courtney was born in Red Ruth, in the county of Cornwall, England in 1947. Both parents had served in the armed forces and had spent time in East Africa which was where they met and got married in 1945. In 1948, James and his parents emigrated to East Africa, before James could speak English his prime language was Swahili which he still speaks to-day, although maybe not quite so fluently.

Eventually the family moved south to what was then Northern Rhodesia and now Zambia, where from 1960 to 1964 James attended Hillcrest High School in Livingstone, home of the Victoria Falls.

From a very young age James developed an affinity with all animals and reptiles and maintains that to this day.

In 1966 James moved back to the UK in order to complete his Master Divers Certificate at the then British Underwater Centre in Dartmouth. Dissolution followed and just after his eighteenth birthday, James joined the British Army and served for twelve years in a number of guises. In 1973 he met and married his wife, Jeanie, together they have two wonderful sons, two gorgeous daughters in law and four delightful grandchildren. After leaving the Army, he served for ten years with an English provincial Police Force after which he qualified highly within the UK transport industry where he gained extensive knowledge not only of the UK, but Europe as well.

James’s interests include photography, wildlife and a passion for flying. In 2019, James retired from his photographic business and started writing at the beginning of 2020!

In August of 2020, James suffered a stroke disabling his left side, since then he has persevered to complete The Cape Agulhas despite his disabilities. Currently he is working on both the prequel and sequel to the book.

James has written two short stories, Animal Justice and Rusty. These, he hopes to be able to publish along with some other short stories under a single cover at some time in the future.

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